Marburg “Epidemic” Apocalypse News Update!! Marburg Will Be Activated In Vaxxed (Via A Lipid Nanoparticle) Who Are A Patented And Owned New Species And 5G (Broadcasting A Pulsed 18 GHz Signal) Will Release Virus!! Gene Deletion Technology The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has rolled out a zombie apocalypse preparedness guide on its official website….

NEFARIOUS EARTHQUAKE MAKING MACHINE This is a violation of The Treaty which obligates Parties to use Antarctica for peaceful purposes only. Any measures of a military nature, including testing of any type of weapons, are prohibited; any nuclear explosions in Antarctica and the disposal there of radioactive waste material are prohibited. Links –

Fasting: A Game Changer for Spike Protein Injuries, Potentially Combats Alzheimer’s and Cancer

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, fasting was primarily associated with metabolic diseases, with several doctors recommending it for weight loss and diabetes management. Can Fasting Reset the Immune System? Fasting encompasses two main forms: prolonged fasting, lasting for at least 36 hours, and intermittent fasting, a popular lifestyle intervention involving shorter fasting periods of 12 to…


Electric vehicles are hailed as an environmentally friendly alternative to gas-powered cars. But that doesn’t mean they’re totally clean. Listen to podcast here – ALWAYS – read the reviews!

All the seagulls are dead – CHEMTRAILS

SPEAK UP! WAKE UP! LOOK UP! If any of these links stop working it is because they are blocking all attempts to spread knowledge of these atrocities, disguised as climate change. Blacklisted topic on twitter – WHY? China are nuts!!!

Geo engineering – Insanity in our sky’s

If we decide to “solar geoengineer” the Earth—to spray highly reflective particles of a material, such as sulfur, into the stratosphere in order to deflect sunlight and so cool the planet.