All the seagulls are dead – CHEMTRAILS

SPEAK UP! WAKE UP! LOOK UP! If any of these links stop working it is because they are blocking all attempts to spread knowledge of these atrocities, disguised as climate change. Blacklisted topic on twitter – WHY? China are nuts!!!

Geo engineering – Insanity in our sky’s

If we decide to “solar geoengineer” the Earth—to spray highly reflective particles of a material, such as sulfur, into the stratosphere in order to deflect sunlight and so cool the planet.

Geo-engineering Watch – CLIMATE ENGINEERING

Extreme weather whiplash is now the norm, how much worse will it get? Mainstream media has been continuously sensationalizing the storms impacting the Western US, how much rain are they going to grant us? The climate engineers can alter the equation any time they want. What haven’t Americans been told about Europe’s recent record shattering weather? How…