Healthy Blood Cells under a Microscope

Red blood cells are shaped kind of like donuts that didn’t quite get their hole formed. They’re biconcave discs, a shape that allows them to squeeze through small capillaries. This also provides a high surface area to volume ratio, allowing gases to diffuse effectively in and out of them.

blood film—or peripheral blood smear

Sure it is easier said than done – but chemo prevention is worth the effort!

How to keep blood healthy?

Our blood is our life force: It gives us oxygen, nutrients and infection-fighting agents. But it can also bring problems such as abnormal blood cells.

What does an abnormal blood smear mean?

An abnormal blood smear is considered abnormal when there’s an abnormality in the size, shape, color, or number of cells in your blood. Abnormal results may vary depending on the type of blood cell affected. So a quick resolution is to provide your blood prevention protocols regularly.

Foods to create healthy cells…

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