Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction

Confessions of a sugar addict

My childhood memories are punctuated with sugar: bakery donuts on Sunday mornings; a pillowcase full of candy on Halloween; Dairy Queen trips in the summer; pies at Christmas. Our home had a junk drawer brimming with potato chips, pretzels, cookies, and tortilla chips. This didn’t include the ice cream in the freezer, the muffin mixes in the cupboard, the Pepsi in the fridge and the candy bowl on the piano. I ate sugar every day, and thought nothing of it.

How do you deal with a sugar craving?

Would you be interested in participating in a sugar addiction study?

Would you like to meet with others who may be suffering from this painful addiction?

Are you currently diabetic or pre-diabetic?

Would you be willing to share your testimony if our therapy is beneficial?

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