Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Coal Plants 

Question:Do you think that an intensive government-supported program to build Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) coal plants would be a good investment of taxpayer dollars?

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) coal plants

Is it even possible to get Co2 out of the air? So far, the experimental projects for capturing and storing Co2 have not been very effective and have been quite costly. Adopting them would greatly increase the cost of electricity to consumers. According to the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute, only 18 large-scale CCS facilities were operating around the world in 2018 and 33 CCS projects have been scrapped since 2010 (E Textbook: Living in the environment, 2022, p.493).

The federal government is funding billions in expansion of pipelines for money-wasting carbon capture schemes nationwide. Tom DeWeese, president of the American Policy Center, is leading the fight in the mid-west to protect farmers and landowners from private pipeline companies that are threatening to use eminent domain to undermine property rights. He is working hard to educate everyone on the folly of carbon capture and the menace that its associated pipelines pose to our country (Carbon capture pipeline threatens private landowners, 2022). Has it been scientifically proven how to create these “private pipelines” created and promoted by “private companies” who want to use the power of government to get taxpayers to pay for this monstrosity? Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) coal plants would not be a good investment of taxpayer dollars if it can or can’t be accomplished?

Why risk 1300 miles of key farmland in five states western Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, eastern Nebraska, and eastern Kansas. Our corn belt is the U.S. “breadbasket” and most of our staple food (maize and soybeans) is cultivated on our corn belt thanks to our dedicated farmers. If this proposition is passed farmers will not be allowed to use their land for farming, they are offering them money to red light this project and if the farmers refuse the cash they will seek eminent domain rights. Massive opposition is coming from the mid-west to attempt to stop this unscientific radical farce. These pipelines will be a threat to natures plants, trees, and all other natural entities that need Co2 to grow and thrive including we humans. We don’t breathe just to get oxygen: In fact, the human respiratory center isn’t very sensitive to oxygen levels at all, since it primarily responds to CO2 levels (About good breathing. lang., 2022).

One thing that will happen if Carbon Capture and Storage is passed is that farmers will no longer be able to farm across five states and this will reduce our food security, breathing abilities, and world health. One of the key technologies that governments hope will help save the planet from dangerous heating, carbon capture and storage, will not work as planned and is a dangerous distraction, a new report says. Instead of financing a technology they can neither develop in time nor make to work as claimed, governments should concentrate on scaling up proven technologies like renewable energies and energy efficiency (Paul Brown, 2021). 

Common estimates of carbon capture technologies say carbon capture can remediate 85-90 percent of carbon emissions. However it was calculated by scientist who determined that the equipment captured the equivalent of only 10-11 percent of the emissions they produced, averaged over 20 years.The social cost of carbon capture, air pollution, potential health problems, economic costs and overall contributions to climate change were concluded to be similar or higher than operating a fossil fuel plant without carbon capture and higher than not capturing carbon from the air at all. 

MAYBE our carbon imprint will change 10-11 percent but so will our electric bills, health, and food security and guess who gets to pay for it…


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